• Custom Built To Suit Your Space

    Whether you have only space enough for a custom bench and table set or an entire outdoor area ready for a custom built bar, we build each and every piece to fit within your area.

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  • Steel And Timber Construction

    A steel and timber table can give a modern, elegant feel or an industrialized furniture art piece to your space depending on your design and material choices.

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  • Up-Cycling Old Materials

    We can up-cycle old materials from pallets, old furniture also utilize unwanted building supplies to build you something not only unique but environmentally friendly too.

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West Furniture | Custom Outdoor Furniture

We Build Furniture To Perfectly Suit Your Space, Needs And Lifestyle

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Upcycle Old Materials and Furniture

We upcycle old furniture and materials to create unique pieces with a hint of antique charm

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Modern Steel And Timber Construction

Clean cut and modern steel frames finished with a contrasting species of timber to create an eye catching piece

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Unique Industrialized Pieces

By experimenting with different materials and techniques, we can create the perfect feeling furniture piece

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Recycled Pallet Wood Furniture

We re-purpose unwanted pallets to create outdoor settings that are beautiful and environmentally friendly

About Us

At West Furniture, we pride ourselves in our high quality workmanship and strive for perfection in every project we undertake. With years of experience working with both timber and steel construction, we ensure a top quality job that can either blend in and work with your space or be an eye catching art piece that stands out. We book in an appointment with you, take measurements, and through discussions with you, come up with design and materials that you are happy with and create your dream piece of furniture.

Our Services

Upcycled Materials Furniture
We can utilize old furniture and materials to create an elegant and unique piece that will stand out in your space
Steel And Timber Construction
By using different species of timber and types of steels we can create a one of a kind piece that will add a modern or industrial touch to your space
Pallets are generally thrown away after only a few uses. To limit the landfill and waste, we reuse pallet wood for many of our projects and have many design options available